Prototype rereleased – FOR FREE

Since Corona destroyed our time table we currently stopped working on LemmeSmash. That’s why we decided to modify our latest version, remove anything unfinished and release it as is in an pre alpha state. So enjoy smashing and bumping your enemies. May be we will return and finish this one later on – never say never.

Download Lemme Smash for windows and mac – GRAB IT.

Frece is currently working on his project Exodition. Explore and download a demo on Steam – GRAB IT TOO.

Brand new game logo (first draft)

This post is all about our brand new game logo and we want to tell you a little bit about its design and composition. First of all, if you’re willing to design something, keep in mind what is your goal. We wanted to design a logo for our game about bumper cars, a fast crash derby placed all over the universe. It should represent a future look, clear contures and smashing colors. So Frece thought about everything, which represents racing and crashing cars and out it together: Chrome (ok, we’re a bit older and were socialized in the 1990, when chrome was a sign of future (see Spongebob Chromepants in the year 3000 episode). Chrosshair for aiming enemies, ultimate racing sign is a checkerbord pattern. And here, what he did:

The greyish stylized frames lets you think of engines, muffles and chrome:

Source: Amazon

Additionally a chrosshair for aiming enemies is integrated:

Source: Seekpng

Another thing is choosing the right color for a logo: RED in our game stands for aggression and hard smashing bumper cars.

“Red is the color of extremes. It’s the color of passionate love, seduction, violence, danger, anger, and adventure. Our prehistoric ancestors saw red as the color of fire and blood – energy and primal life forces – and most of red’s symbolism today arises from its powerful associations in the past.” (Source: Colormatters)

Some rally stripes in checkerboard pattern are a reminiscence to a race’s checkered flag.

Source: usatoday

Off topic: Image above shows Formula 1 marshal on the left accidentally waving checkered flag one lap too early – muhahaha.

Finalized is our temporary game logo with crossed screwdriver and wrench to symbolize WIP (not VIP) status of our game and it’s logo. And here it is:

First draft game logo

No rocket science about logo design, right? But as I always tell my students: For each and every single piece, form and color in logo design, there should be a reason.

But what the hell is that yellowish thingi in the center? Well, we’ll talk about that in a later post.

More info on BumperCar game – GET BRANDED.

Greetings neverdowell

Colorfull BumperCars

Colored BumperCars at startup

BumperCars are now ingame as you can see and hey – they’re pretty colorfull aren’t they? But how did we do it?

First of all, freeze did an unwrap (artitsts stuff meaning to unfold a 3D model into a plane in 2D with a digital magic wand or maybe blender – did not listen very well to his explanations). Since Unity uses PBR (Physcally based rendering), we need several image to create our materials for base color, metallness, smoothness and a normal map for tiny details.

We could have used different base color maps, one for each color, but then we would have to change it over and over again for each possible color. That’s rather stupid and boring work to do. That’s why we thought about creating a shader with Unity’s Shader Graph Package. But there are areas, where we want a color to change and others to stay. Though we added a grayscale mask map, which defines white areas to change color and black, which will stay unchanged. At last we need color and brightness values. Now wer’re able to change a color on the fly. Nice, huh?

MaskedColorShader shader graph

Et Voila, here is an overview of our MaskedColorShader and our material for the blue BumperCar in Unity.

MaskedColorShaderMaterial with values you can change

Maybe in a later post we’ll explain that shader in detail, if you’re interested in. So long, and thanks for all the (colored) fish.

More info on BumperCar game – GET COLORIZED.

First BumperCar

BumperCar #1

Our very first bumper car sees the light of the day. There will be differnt cars to chose from. What you think? =J (I LOVE Blenders new eevee)

More info on BumperCar game – DRIVE IT.